Address: Donja Jajina nn, Leskovac
Leskovac Phone: +381 16 286 666
Phone 2: +381 16 286 665
Phone 3: +381 64 137 00 00, +381 60 01 07 007
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Our service exists and has been successfully operating for 20 years, every year we have been working on improving and achieving new successes in mind the mechanics and car diagnostic service is equipped with the most advanced tool BRNDOVANIH FAMOUS COMPANIES tool for precision notching of all brands of VEHICLES. REGARDING DIAGNOSIS AND we also have diagnostics WURTH SUN FOR ALL TYPES OF CARS AND DIGITAL LAUNCH FOR WASHING MACHINE and more DEVICE THAT ONE MODERN SERVICE SHOULD HAVE! But we will not stop there continue as before to refine and achieve new successes just for you! Call us wherever you are in trouble and try our service and quality! VEHICLE DAY 24 pounds!