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Stone Cutting workshop Gajic Krusevac - Krvavica produces elements for gravesite decoration and tombstones as well as installing and processing marble and granite for the needs of construction and exterior-interior decoration (staircase lining, marble panel floors, work surfaces for kitchen elements, moldings for under the windows and the like) 

Our prices are affordable because we want to be able to provide any family with a dignified tombstone within their capabilities. 

We own the latest technologies for stone processing so we are able to fulfill all orders in the shortest possible time with the highest standards of quality. 

We always follow the latest forms and trends in design and learn from experience from large global fairs, exhibitions and seminars in order to always stay in touch with the latest techniques and technologies. 

Our team of 10 trained and experienced workers proudly highlights the exceptional results of our finishing works which come from our enthusiasm, our readiness to always respond to the clients’ wishes and the needs of the market. 

Our stonecutting workshop Gajic Krusevac - Krvavica produces and sculpts all kinds of natural stone, known for its ability to bring warmth and elegance to any interior and give it a dose of extravagance and luxury. 

We also offer other products for furnishing interiors such as staircases or floors. 

Along with our increasing workload we have decided to start independently importing our own materials which we get from trusted suppliers from China, Italy, Indjija and many renowned companies from Europe, some of which have mines in Brazil, Africa, Indjija… 

Our trained workers are always ready to fulfill your requests. We work exclusively following the highest standards of quality and use exclusively the highest quality natural granite stone in our work. 

We work for maximum quality, whether it be on interior or exterior made of granite, shown by our many satisfied customers who love coming back to us. 

STONE CUTTING SHOP  GAJIC, nn Krvavica st., Krusevac
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