Address: postal number 37246, village of Lazarevac, Krusevac
Krusevac Phone: +381 37 875 179
Phone 2: +381 63 415 179
Phone 3: +381 62 369 605
Email: draganmiladinovic@ymail.com
Web: www.vocnasadnica.com
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Kalem Company Miladinovic fruit is in Lazarevac, Krusevac municipality. The primary activity is the production of fruit trees and grape grafts.

We exist for many years as a private nursery, since 2006. in accordance with the adopted Law on the production of planting materials exist as a company - Kalem Miladinovic fruit.

Production of planting material from one year to expand and improve. Our employees are satisfied with our fruit trees and a number of years we have regular clients.

We have our own home crops that are imported from Holland. Over our seedlings are performed by the control of agricultural extension services and laboratory tests for certain diseases.

We have certified that our healthy planting material and can be put in circulation.

We have a large assortment of fruit trees as old varieties, and the newest.

We work with companies from all over Serbia. Our fruit trees and vine grafts can be found in rural pharmacies across the country.