Address: 42 Jug Bogdanova st., Krusevac
Krusevac Phone: +381 37 411 888
Fax: +381 37 438 826
Email: office@fam.rs
Web: www.fam.rs
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Factory grease FAM ad Krusevac, founded in 1966, is the leading domestic producer of lubricants, a leader in the manufacture of greases and specialty lubricants, metalworking oils, plant and equipment corrosion protection and degreasers with the highest growth rate of production and sale of motor oil.
FAM is the only domestic producer of lubricants with significant exports of lubricants in a dozen European countries.

With a clear development strategy and creative vision, FAM has become a modern company with modern production equipment and superior technology in compliance with all international standards.

FAM monitors daily needs, wishes and requirements of its customers (corporate and retail) and also modify existing products and creating new ones. As a result of these activities, the very rich product range of over 250 products and over 500 different packages.

Business continuity policy FAM, which is based on market orientation, using Good Manufacturing Practices, insisting on product quality, readiness for cooperation and strong technical support to customers, and striving for environmental protection, FAM has long been recognized as a trusted organization and this approach remains a priority FAM in the future.