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Address: nn Brajkovac st., Krusevac
Viber: 063/686-297
Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
Pet friendly Pet friendly
Parking Parking
Wifi WiFi
Delivery Delivery
Works out in the field Works out in the field
In business since: 1990

Natural stone Rakic is a family company that has been in business since 1990.

Our company works in production, sales and installation of natural decorative stone.

Our offers inlcude:
- Layering staircases
Paving paths
- Making fences
- Decorating exterior and interior walls with plates

We offer various types of stones in all shapes and sizes, ranging from crushed stone to any dimensions you need.

We also offer marble and granite.

We can professionally install all our items for you. 

Years of experience guarantee our quality.

 Natural stone Rakic. 

NATURAL STONE RAKIC, nn Brajkovac st., Krusevac
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