Address: 48 Osma Kovanlucka st, Kraljevo
Kraljevo Phone: +381 36 5443 929
Phone 2: +381 69 5443 929
Phone 3: +381 64 213 3014
4/ 5stars

We are located in Kraljevo at OSMA Kovanlucka 48 on the highway KRALJEVO VRNJACKA BANJA across the polygon. We've been  doing this job for forty years, which indicates the quality of work. WE DO: - mass furniture - Windows and doors of solid wood. We try to always be new trends DURING FAIRS various visiting our area. Do at very affordable prices in the market. WIDE BUYERS our many spacious proof of the quality of our work. Opening hours from 09 to 15h BY REQUEST WE DO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.