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Funeral services Kraljevo

Address: 43 Zicki put st., Kovači, Kraljevo
Viber: 064/230-98-92
In business since: 2008.
Through an administrative ban / installment

In our work our services are aimed at helping people through their hardest moments.

Our company's motto and responsibility is to offer our clients all funeral services in one place both in our country and abroad.

Our quality and efficiency is proven by many satisfied clients we've worked with and the ongoing success of our company.

We transport your deceased using high quality and flawlessly maintained vehicles on all destinations in our country and abroad.

We offer high quality and diverse funeral equipment required to see off your loved ones in the most dignified manner possible.

- Caskets - oak and poplar, various models (caskets, half-caskets and coffins) with accompanying tin inlay if requried
- Sets and covers (brocade, taffeta and satin of all colors)
- Full black knitwear
- Suits
- Other equipment


- International transportation for the deceased
- Printing mortuaries in color, monochrome with a black or blue frame
- Documentation
- Scheduling and organizing funerals in city and town cemeteries
- Procession - dignified procession in a car
- Flowers
- Keeping in cold storage
- Organizing grave digging and grave covering
- Tent for dirges - used to shield from the sun or rain
- Food - wheat, bread, confectioneries, lunch packets, lean fish and fatty roast
- Bags for the deceased

FUNERAL SERVICE MIRAN SAN, 43 Zicki put st., Kovači, Kraljevo
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