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Funeral services Kraljevo

Address: 4 Milutina Kekerica st., Kraljevo

We have been with you in difficult times since 2004.

We are located in multiple locations in Kraljevo and the surrounding areas:

1. Milutina Kekerića 4, Kraljevo
2. Cara Dušana 100, Kraljevo
3. Naselje Beranovac
4. Mataruška Banja

We specialize in organizing funerals, selling complete funeral equipment, transporting the deceased, catering services, and other accompanying services.

Funeral expenses can be paid through the "PIO Fund" (with a pension check, the bill for funeral equipment is 0.00 dinars).

Working hours: 00-24.

FUNERAL EQUIPMENT PECIC, 4 Milutina Kekerica st., Kraljevo
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