Address: 42 Popoinska st, Kraljevo
Kraljevo Phone: +381 36 373 950
Phone 2: +381 64 261 75 35
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We are brothers Mark and Milos Radicevic and deal making model ships since 1996. We are the leaders in ship modelling in Kraljevo and its surroundings at the same time we also found associations brodomodelara

"Handlebars", which was established in 1998. Its headquarters are in Kraljevo.

During more than a decade of existence, we had a lot of successful and highly acclaimed exhibitions and competitions throughout Serbia, Montenegro and abroad.

Some of our most successful exhibitions were to:

Historical Museum of Yugoslavia in Belgrade

National Museum in Kraljevo

Maritime Museum in Kotor

Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad

National Museum Krusevac

Historical Museum "Citadel" in Budva

National Museum in Bar

Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Greece, Romania ...

As confirmation of the inherent quality of the construction of ships was also a call to the global competition in the Czech town of Jablonec nad Nisou 2003 the year in which we became a team champions.

Parties who are before you, we want to show our core business workshops, and those related to the development of models of ships, known of old sailing ships, as well as restoration of existing models.

Also here you can find nautical equipment and instruments superb handicrafts, nautical decoration, Mediterranean and ethnic souvenirs (with boxes ideal for transport), business gifts ...

We have over 200 drawings and plans for the development of model ships and here you can get complete material for making models, as well as the finished kit - kits ships.