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    Pediatric clinics Kragujevac

    Address: 1 Srete Mladenovica st., Kragujevac

    Our clinic began operations in 2002 as the first private pediatric allergy clinic in the country and is still with us were several tens of thousands of views of patients from home and abroad.

    We specialize in the diagnosis and therapy:

    Allergic diseases (children and adults)

    - Allergic rhinitis
    - Allergic rhinitis
    - Atopic eczema
    - dermatitis
    - asthma
    - urticaria
    - hives

    pediatric diseases

    - Examinations of sick children as well as preventive predijatrija
    - Monitoring the growth and development of a healthy child


    Allergic diseases as atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis and asthma are more and belong to the most common chronic disease, especially in childhood. Recent studies even predict that by 2020, for example, almost half the population of our planet suffer from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
    Good anamnesis and clinical examination were certainly the basis for the diagnosis of these diseases.
    In recognition of this disease using the following diagnostic procedures:

    - Allergic skin tests to inhalant and nutrition (food) allergens
    - Determining the allergic inflammatory process in nalaznom, conjunctival secretions, blood
    - spirometry
    - Blood tests and other laboratory tests

    In the treatment of allergic diseases using the all forms of therapy:

    - Prevention of exposure to allergens
    - Pharmacological therapy (drugs)
    - Immunotherapy - split-sublingual immunotherapy which nature through modifying disease (allergic rhinitis, asthma) and its progression


    - Examination and treatment of acutely ill children
    - Clinical monitoring of children with chronic illnesses
    - Preventive pediatrics - monitoring the growth and development of a healthy child (systematic reviews), and vaccination

    Pediatric Endocrinology (diagnosis and treatment)

    - Type I diabetes mellitus, type II in children, impaired glucose tolerance, hyperglycemia causes unclear
    - hypoglycemia
    - Growth disorders in children
    - Disorders of the thyroid gland
    - Disorders of sexual differentiation and sexual maturation
    - Disorders of puberty - early and late puberty
    - Disorders of the menstrual cycle in women, hirsutism
    - Function disorders of the adrenal gland
    - Disorders of parathyroid gland
    - Obesity in children

    The ability to use the following health insurance: Wiener Städtische, Delta Gererali, and UNIQA.