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Chrono nutrition is the branch of medicine dealing with individual dietary regime which is determined by the natural body rhythm of each person.

The advantage of such a balanced diet is that it is not necessary to reduce the amount of food and daily calorie intake, but therefore focuses on the time of day when a certain food entries.

InBody 720 analyzer body composition

InBody 720 is the most advanced medical analyzer body composition and most precise method by which biorezonantnih wave gives an accurate assessment of:

- Ideal body weight
- Correction of body composition
- The level of the basal metabolic rate
- Physical health fitness - fitness score
- Growth curves in children
- Health risk

MORA NOVA intolerance to food

Mora diagnostic test -opširnom intolerance to foods, it is the most precise individualization and classification program Hrono diet dr Gifing.

Testing is conducted with the help of biorezonantnih wave, which excludes the outdated method of drawing blood.