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Dental laboratory Essence Dental originated with the desire to bring the latest technology to our clients with the goal of producing the latest aesthetics and prosthetic extension functions.

The entire team of Essence Dental laboratory continuously improves their work in order to meet the growing demands of modern dentistry.

Our of our broad spectrum of services we’d like to highlight the digital CAM-CAM technology that is an unavoidable part of any prosthetics work.


- Nonmetal zircon crowns (full anatomic)
- Nonmetal zircon crown (faceted)
- Metal-ceramic crowns
- Inlay, onlay, veneer, Maryland bridges
- Total plate braces
- Skeletal braces
- Skeletal braces with attachments
- Flexible partial braces
- Long-term temporary crowns
- Teeth whitening foil
- Bruxism foils
- Retainer foils
- Implant works