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As in recent years is often a need for estimates of movable and immovable property of legal entities and individuals, we are free to you if need help in this work and offer our services. As an agency we are registered and trained for this type of work, and many years of practice (since 1993) have gained the necessary experience. We participated in the assessments of property and capital as a team or as consultants - individuals, in over 2,000 (one thousand) of small, medium and large companies, whose assets exceed the value of the multi-million euro currency. Estimates of small business and individual has too much, have done more than five hundred assessment of immovable and movable property of individuals and legal entities. The reasons are various, and most are for: providing guarantees at commercial banks and the Development Fund correction of the carrying value of property companies, increase of equity founders internal needs of property owners ... From a story can be seen to do a complete assessment of property of legal and natural persons, namely: real estate: building, agricultural and land exploitation (regardless of size, location and occupancy status) complexes, manufacturing facilities with complete infrastructure (regardless of size, number, purpose, application status and location) complexes of buildings for collective housing (regardless of size, number of floors, number and location) individual residential buildings, flats commercial property (shops) The specified property may be completed or in process of construction.