Address: 2 2. krajiske brigade st., Kragujevac
Kragujevac Phone: +381 60 610 00 39
Phone 2: +381 60 610 00 28
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1. Registration of vehicles up to 12 monthly installments by check or through the administrative ban on salary or pension
2. Registration in installments by depositing checks
3. Technical inspection
5. FREE GOING TO MIA with your authorization
6. Keeping the fleet of the company, a reminder for the registration and semi-annual review
7. Travel medical insurance
8. Getting informative billing by mail or SMS about the amount of your vehicle registration
9. Purchase contracts, authorizations, contracts on gift, check out the vehicle and pay the transfer tax in Kragujevac or any other city in Serbia
10. Obtaining an accurate assessment of the vehicle and the property transfer tax on the basis of the latest catalog AMSS
11. While drinking coffee in our coffee-in vehicle technical inspection and all the necessary documentation will be completed in just one hour
12. Machine wash and spinning carpet with a machine of the latest generation, the one in Kragujevac. Flushing water to the pure water. Duplex carpet cleaning. Free Shipping. Today for tomorrow. Price per square meter only 100 dinars. At the lowest prices in town you can get to your house as your carpet smelled and packaged.
13. Washing vehicles of the highest quality with the use of cutting-edge cosmetics for your car for the price of only 500 dinars for a complete wash.
14. Washing vehicles for the company is calculated and invoiced on a monthly basis with a discount of 10%
15. In Cafe in Boulevard follow all sporting events at Arena Sport Club channels with the most popular drink prices
16. The possibility of renting a Cafe Boulevard for private celebrations

Bulevar auto

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