Address: nn Cerovac, Kragujejvac
Kragujevac Phone: +381 34 679 21 57
Phone 2: +381 69 602 998
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Strolarska action UGLED was created in 1952 and has since successfully, from generation to generation, maintains its traditional quality, but also monitors the current trends and market demands.

Many years of work, the quality, correctness, and above all satisfied customers gained an enviable reputation and therefore proudly carries the title of "reputation".

The current focus of production are wooden, PVC and aluminum windows.

Wooden doors, windows, entrance doors, interior doors, patio doors are made from the highest quality dry fir and oak.

PVC is made from Deceuninc profile, and according to customer and from other fields that we have to offer. Hardware is Power.

Aluminum doors and windows are made of Greek profiles.

Also we offer PVC and aluminum blinds.

All joinery is done according to standard measures as per the needs and wishes of the customer.

Carpentry is done, both for residential houses, as well as for residential and commercial buildings, and buildings.