Address: 78 Glavna st., Sumarak, Kovin
Kovin Phone: +381 13 761-031, +381 64 7003-738

4/ 5stars

We are located on the road Kovin – Bela crkva, 15km from Kovin, at the brink of Deliblatska Sands. The restaurant is surrounded by forest, peace and it gives peace and quiet, and it is the ideal place to escape to from the city fuss and noise, and the ideal place to have a family lunch. The restaurant’s menu consists of: barbecue specialties, ready meals, venison specialties, fish and fish specialties and a great variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Very close to the restaurant there is the Danube river and the ideal fishing grounds. There is also Dubovac, the expenditure of the Danube and it is called ADA ZILAVA. This is one of the favorite places of all fishermen in Serbia. We give the possibility of organization of business lunches and all kinds of celebrations.



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