Address: Vlajkovci, Brus
Kopaonik Phone: +381 37 830 088
Phone 2: +381 60 700 66 66
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On the third time since Bruce to Kopaonik is a natural monument in space sounds attractive and leaves you breathless. This natural phenomenon is a rock that defies gravity. Resembling the beak makes and called Kljunac.

The attractiveness of the wonders of nature and complement the surrounding natural environment. And to help you enjoy any greater care the owners Kljunac ethnic restaurants, which are Christmas in 1996. The nearby namesake stone open your ugistiteljski facility.

  Through terrace house Ethno flowing, clean and untouched mountain stream and fills a pond in which to bathe the two most beautiful trout and rainbow Potocari. In addition to traditional food preparation, prepared dishes, clean air and unspoiled nature, we offer local produce, jams, preserves, syrups and spirits of which we Medvedja blood, brandy with 16 types of herbs, honey and propolis.

If you wish for a moment to see what life was like in the first half of the last century, this is the place for you!