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Restaurants for weddings Knjazevac

Address: nn Kadijski krst st, Knjazevac
Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
In business since: 2002.

BARKA Konak is located on the outskirts of Nis Knjazevac direction at 300 meters from the pool. It has a large nice garden and a pleasant ambience. The hotel has two banquet halls with total capacity of 1200 seats, and is suitable for all types of celebrations, conferences, lectures and cultural events. It is located near the city pool and is suitable for sports teams in the preparatory activities. Unspoiled nature of Stara Planina and hunting grounds in the vicinity of Knjaževac are a paradise for hunters. BARKA Residence offers comfortable accommodation (including accommodation for your pets, for kerovi boxes, garage ...) BARKA Residence has 142 beds in rooms with telephone, TV with satellite channels, fridge and bathroom, as well as 5 suites with Jacuzzi tub. The guest house is located in billiards, table tennis room and a modern gym.

KONAK BARKA, nn Kadijski krst st, Knjazevac
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