Address: nn Karadjordjeva st, Knjazrvac
Knjazevac Phone: +381 19 733 479
Phone 2: +381 62 835 22 45
Email: demetraknj@mts.rs
Web: www.domstarihvilakatarina.com
4/ 5stars

Home for the Elderly includes single, double and triple rooms, large and spacious living rooms, sunny courtyards, terraces and around the beautiful forest with long promenades. Around the home for the elderly there is a wide garden and a big yard, all this provides a pleasant environment that is feeling right at home. Our home for the elderly is an ideal place for people who want a quiet life and a sense of real home. All rooms in the house-in are fully equipped with the full equipment, TV, cable TV and air conditioning systems to provide users with a pleasant and comfortable stay. and comfortable rooms. Its users in the home staff strives to give a pleasant and comfortable accommodation and all necessary care in their late years when for various reasons to home users can no longer perform on their own or have the person who would do it or if you have a result that person their preoccupation with their business obligations or fail to provide the necessary care to their loved ones. 24 h. medical care and professional supervision - by trained staff.