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Studio beauty is here for you!

* Turbo solarium - black power
* manicure
* pedicure
* Chiropody
* nail extension
* Strengthening natural nails
* Correction eyebrows
* Professional Makeup
* Eyelash extensions
* Relax massage
* Anti-cellulite massage
* Waxing cold and hot wax
* hairdresser
* Permanent hair straightening
* Brazilian Blow Dry
* hair extension
* Deep packing pieces
* Hair Treatments
- Anti-Dandruff, decline, redness and oily hair
* Keratin Treatment
* Botox Treatment
* Filling lips
* Wrinkle filling
* Mesotherapy (face and body)
* lipolysis
* mesionites


Drawing eyebrows is a Japanese technique of inserting a pigmented blade that encourages the natural appearance of hair of different lengths and thicknesses.
The latest technique that gives such a natural look that is almost impossible to tell that it's permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup - Permanent make-up. Micro pigmentation.
Permanent makeup can emphasize the natural contours of the lips, eyes, eyelids, eyebrows accentuate or lessen scars on the face and body.

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