Address: 29 Brace Dirak st., Jagodina
Jagodina Phone: +381 35 242 915
Phone 2: +381 60 062 26 66
4/ 5stars

Located next to the river Belica is the beautiful restaurant "Belicki Kej".

With 15 years of experience and the highest quality food and services, we can rightfully say we are the best choice for you. At our restaurant we traditionally organize all kinds of celebrations and parties (weddings, farewells, birthdays, children's birthdays, slava days...).

In our offer we also have rooms for overnight stay. We have 6 double rooms with bathrooms, TV (cable), air-conditioning... as of recently we also provide wi-fi internet. Since June 1009 we've included a catering service in our offer. You just need to imagine your celebration and we will make sure to fulfill all your wishes. From food to drinks and decorations, as well as other services - we are always at your disposal.

>> NEW <<
Included in our catering service is now the daily and weekly catering breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Make your own menu and we will deliver it to your home! Set the menu in advance for the entire week or month. With all your responsibilities you won't need to worry about food anymore!