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Purchase, processing, export of forest fruits. Ivanjica

Address: 41 Venjamina Marinkovica st, Ivanjica

The facility for processing and production purposes is located at 106 Milinka Kušića Street and covers an area of 1483 m2. The facility contains refrigeration chambers with a volume of 220 m3, a dryer, a calibrator, a cutting machine, blanching pots, and other accompanying inventory equipment, such as workbenches, forklifts, transport carts, and other auxiliary tools.

The company is engaged in the purchase, processing, and export of forest products and medicinal herbs, as well as the export of fresh fruit. It operates as a family-owned limited liability company (DOO) and currently employs three permanent workers. Seasonal labor is engaged for processing, packaging, and delivery, typically ranging from 20 to 60 workers, depending on demand.

The company is in the process of obtaining HACCP and ISO 9001 quality control certificates. The products are sourced from the Biosphere areas of Golija, Javor Mountain, Zlatar, Kopaonik, Tara, and parts of northern Montenegro.

The goods are exclusively marketed in EU countries, including Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, and France. Transportation of the products is carried out using refrigerated vehicles with controlled temperature regimes compliant with EU standards.

The packaging consists of wooden crates imported temporarily based on customer orders, as well as ecological cardboard packaging made of five-layered cardboard.

Collectors-suppliers are educated individuals who have completed seminars regarding collection, quality, and type selection. The company is founded and managed by Milinko Nešović, with financial operations overseen by Milena Nešović.

3. MART DOO, 41 Venjamina Marinkovica st, Ivanjica
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