Address: 57 Rudnicka st., Nevade, Gornji Milanovac
Gornji Milanovac Phone: +381 32 726 690
Phone 2: +381 32 726 691
Fax: +381 32 726 691
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The main activity of DOMARDI ltd. company is trade and transport of construction materials.

We have been working with great success for 15 years in our market.

Our stockpiles are where you can find anything you could need from our construction material program, cut construction material, isolation program and so on.

Stocpile DOMARDI offers a broad assortment of excellent quality products which above all relates to materials for full construction of residential and business buildings.

We work with the most important producers of construction materials and are guided by the idea of making our offer diverse and high quality.

In our sales assortment you can find everything for adapting and constructing residential and business spaces.

Our kind staff will help you select and learn about our program.

Come visit us or call us.