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    Printing-houses Gornji Milanovac

    Address: nn Rudnicka st., Gornji Milanovac
    Email: info@rp.rs
    Website: www.rp.rs
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
    Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
    Delivery Delivery
    In business since: 1989.

    We are a family company that has been in business for 30 years.

    We work because we have to and they say that the best companies are the ones who work because they have to.

    We also know that the key word in the phrase 'family business' isn't 'family', but 'business'.

    We especially insist on that our stickers can be written on by our buyers.
    We produce stickers (sticky labels, print from roll to roll using a high technology printing technique (flexo), printing in 8 colors and for our own clients we offer the ability to mark their product, set it aside, order and file.

    What we basically do is we offer solutions for our customers' specific problems. As such we don't have regular products but rather make specific solutions needed for our clients per order.

    Because when it comes to stickers we have a lot of experience and knowledge on producing and applying most self-adhering materials in today's global market.

    Our clients usually include companies (chemical, industry, pharmacy and more) big store chains and stores.

    It's easy to conclude that we work in the domain of marketing between various organizations. We are proud of our customers and always celebrate all of their orders, because every time they return to us we know we have fulfilled their expectations.

    We don't use answering machines.

    There will always be a person answering your calls, after a single ring, 24hrs every day, 365 days a year.  


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