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Gornji Milanovac Phone: +381 32 713 268
Email: cajicfoto@gmail.com
Web: www.elitfoto.rs
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Photo Shop Elite Photo This year marks 57 years of continuous operation , making one of the oldest photographic shops in Serbia . The shop was founded by Mica Ćajić June 26 in 1957. under the name of Photo Mica .
At that time, the upper Banja experienced its economic boom.
There were no events that marked the history of the city , and that he was immortalized photographs Elite Photo studies.

Time makes their own and work at the store after graduation takes son Zoran .
His degree to work in a photographic shop Elite Photo leads to significant breakthroughs in monitoring the state of the art technology , both analog and digital.
Zoran tries to keep up to date with all the innovations in the field of photography , where according to the results of operations , undoubtedly succeeds .

The story of the photographic studio and Elite Photo is getting a new momentum and not just because of the hint of better days , but primarily because of the superior quality of their services . Seeing the hundredth figure is that they reach only the best , and no doubt there will be Elite Photo category just those immortal , just as eternal countless photos Milanovac Milanovčana occurred in the last sixty years, from the hands of the photographic family Ćajić . In our shop you can meet with the latest production technology , Photo rapids ...
Your beautiful moments can be forever left in the newly designed photo packages. Years of work , and still learning .