Address: 35 Proleterskih brigada st., Gornji Milanovac
Gornji Milanovac Phone: +381 32 717 486
Phone 2: +381 63 870 96 62
Email: info@solas.rs
Web: www.solas.rs
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Company for production, sales and services "DAN-D" Ltd. was founded in 2003 with headquarters in Milanovac.

The main activity is the production of fime paper towels and paper napkins.

We are equipped with complete, automatic line for the production of paper towels and semi-automatic line for the production of napkins, aluminum foil for household and baking paper.

Besides the production capacity we have a warehouse of 300 square meters.

Distribute their products independently, as well as products of partner companies - which is an additional activity of the company.

All products are manufactured from high quality, 100% cellulose, crepe paper that is healthy and hygienic examined by the competent institutions.

With partner companies in the sphere of production of paper products we have created the brand "Solas", which covers a wide range of products in the field of stationery.

The strategy of the company is focused on achieving complete customer satisfaction based on the quality of products and services distribution service.

In our professionalism and quality can be assured with over three hundred of our partners and thousands of satisfied customers which from day to day.