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    Construction companies and services Gornji Milanovac

    Address: 49 Natalije Carevica st., Gornji Milanovac

    Having studied his craft in Kragujevac in 1967 and having perfected it over years of working in public companies, Vladeta Kazakovic started his own metalwork shop in 1972.

    Since 1982 and up until today the company has proudly carried its name "LIMEKS".

    Vladeta now works on transferring his years of experience to younger generations.

    Today, after over 40 years of existence, "LIMEKS" is one of the most prestigious construction and metalwork workshops.

    Our spectrum of work and experience is incredibly impressive.

    With the use of high-quality materials and modern machines we guarantee production quality and installing required elements.

    We give all kids of services in construction metalwork:
    - Production and setup of horizontal and vertical pipe drains, linings, snow guards, window covers, platings etc.
    - Chimney lining, attic, PP walls, terraces
    - Production and setup for tin roofs, French coverings.
    - Installing sandwich panels
    - Installing roof and facade TR metal with required connections
    - Creating and setting up air conditioning canals and spiral air conditioning pipes
    - Securing heat and steam pipes
    - Producing and setting up light INOX chimneys with proper isolation

    There is no job too great or too small.

    We try to meet the needs of all our buyers with the required information while insisting on material and work quality.

    All of these reasons listed above make us one of the leading workshops in the region.

    Call us!