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Private accommodation Gornja Trepca

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In business since: 2010.

Private accomodations villa Sunce is located in the main street at the entrance into the atomic spa Gornja Trepca located about 300m away from the stationaries.

The building is newly constructed and offers 1 single, 9 double and 1 quadruple rooms, central kitchen and spaceous terraces on each floor.

Every room has its own bathroom, mini kitchen, TV set.

The building has central heating, central air-conditioning and free WiFi internet.

Next to the building there is a parking lot reserved for the guests of the villa.

Villa "Sunce" is on the Republic of Serbia's list for voucher distribution.

We invite you to be our guests. You can arrange for your reservation at the stationaries and then relax with us in peace and quiet with fresh air and pleasant atmosphere.

Sunce villa website:

VILLA SUNCE, Center of Trepca, Gornja Trepca
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