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    Restaurants Despotovac

    Address: Petra Drapsina nn, Despotovac
    Whatsapp: +381 63 692 766
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays

    At the very often question : Why there are no photos from summer 2005 on the web site, the summer that passed with many parties in the café Passage , a small photo gallery was set on the page for all of you. This year was opened restaurant VIKING also and it offers many different specialties. On the first floor in the VIKING all guests are welcome to enjoy in Swedish and world?s cuisine. Kitchen? work is backed up with a big experience of working in Scandinavian restaurants. You still haven?t tried Swedish culinary specialties that are based on simple sauces that by their ingredients perfecrly fit to this region tastes? Café pizzeria VIKING owned by Toplica Radisavljavic began working in 1997. at that time it was just one room arranged in the style of Irish pubs. Thanks to the food quality, experts in food preparation and culinary branch, it turned out that the restaurants capacities were not enough, and that was the reason to expand. The aim of renovating was to bring in a daily-evening variant which means two parts one for eating food and another for relaxation with coffe and great selection of alcohol and non alcohol drinks. As ew promised here are few photos of the specialties from our kitchen. When it comes to Swedish cuisine it is a bout exquisite food at Scandinavian standards. Soon we will show few more of our specialties. Still haven?t tried them? What are you waiting for? Close to pizzeria there is a café PASSAGE that was opened after the restaurant with different intentions. Café also has two levels, in the lower part there is a cake-shop while upstairs is the café designed by the top class architects in the style of most exclusive europena cafes. Live musice during whole summer. Garden has the capacity of receiving 350 people. In one word VIKING & PASSAGE will satisfy the demand of the most demanding customers!


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