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    Restaurants Despotovac

    Address: Rudnicka bb st.; 11 Kralja Milana (Pedestrian zone) st., Despotovac
    Fax +381 35 613 017

    Motel KRUNA is a modern building for giving all services of catering and accommodation It is built by the most modern demands of catering. Interior of the motel is ideal for receiving guests and giving them services. Motel KRUNA has a restaurant with 330places, it has 54 beds , a pool room and a terrace that can receive 80 people. Restaurant offers great selection of domestic and foreign drinks, and specialties from domestic and international cuisine. Motel KRUNA organizes all tyoes of celebrations, business lunches, cocktail parties, school excursions, and gives the possibility of renting the hall for seminars and presentations.

    Motel Kruna 

    Kruna Gastrobar 

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