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    Specialist clinics Cacak

    Address: 1 Koce Andjelkovica st, Cacak
    Through an administrative ban / installment

    We are located at No. 1 Koce Andjelkovic street, near Cacanska bank.

    We've been successfully doing this business for over twenty years.

    Practice provides all dental services, painless, with the latest material at affordable prices.


    - Cash
    - The option of paying in installments

    The office led by Dr. Mladen Behar is always beside you, our on-duty phone 062-861-79-88 is always open for your calls.

    We strive to be constantly be up to date with the new knowledge in the field of dentistry.

    We are loyal and regular visitors are various conferences and symposiums.

    Always cheerful, friendly staff our offices can assist you.



    Compensate for the removed tooth root.

    Forms a cylinder, ie. a screw.

    The indications for implantation are mainly related to prosthetic rehabilitation dentition and jaw.

    The implant can be built on the site of a lost tooth, which is biologically the most acceptable and so the recommendations of modern dentistry.

    Also the lack of several teeth in a row, the implants can compensate teeth that make the bridge girders.

    For edentulous patients, implants are installed or in place of circular bridge abutment teeth or at the most convenient place for teeth retainers in making complete dentures.

    The material from which dental implants are made of titanium because the CP is fully biocompatible and mechanically resistant.

    Crucial for the success of implant-prosthetic reconstruction and rehabilitation are proper patient selection, planning procedures and selecting the right type of implant.

    Before surgery is taken from the patient's medical history and perform an assessment of general and current health status. Equally important is the assessment of the state of oral hygiene and motivation of the patient and his expectations.

    Patients with bad habits such as increased consumption of alcohol, use of nicotine, the habit of "snacking" nails or some predneta, food (pens, etc.) fall into moderate risk since such habits could compromise wound healing and osseointegration of implants.

    It is also important to assess periodontal status of existing teeth and occlusal anomalies such as bad bite or bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching). In relation to the assessment decision is made whether bezbednugraditi implant.

    For a complete assessment of the status of the dentist performs a clinical assessment of oral cavity with tomographic images of certain regions (which are made by the doctor's orders).

    The shelf life of an implant

    Dental implants involves teamwork oral surgeon specialist prosthetics, dental technicians, and of course, the patient. This means that it is equally important that the patient cooperates as much expertise is invested by a professional team.

    According to statistics, dental implants have been successfully integrated in 85-90% of cases. Failures related to poor patient selection, poor oral hygiene, unfavorable anatomic relationships bone and soft tissue and traumatic events in the intraoral region.

    It is important to point out that dental implants are a proven solution, especially if you follow all the criteria for their installation and maintenance.


    ... Or inflammation of the soft and hard tissues around the implant. Implant is not protected as a natural tooth, which has periodontal ligament (which is attached to the tooth bone) as a barrier to penetration of bacteria to the tooth root. It is therefore very careful oral hygiene in fact protect the implant to prevent periimplantitis developed.


    With respect only your dentist Dr. Mladen Behar! Opening hours: 09-12h and 15-19h, Saturday from 09-12pm.

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