Address: 5/1 Budimira Davidovoca st., Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 61 719 30 10
4/ 5stars

Our craft shop Canak from Cacak began work in 2006 and specializes in crafting items out of wood.

This workshop is the perfect example of family business because all members of the Stanisavljevic family participate.

We primarily work in creating souvenirs, ethnic-themed objects, household objects, industrial products and wood products as well as in all services of wood processing.

As our business grew, so did the assortment of products that we offer.

When we began work we crafted only 4 types of products while today we offer over 50.

We use the latest crafting tools and machinery in our work, including a CNC milling cutter and laser engraving (both machines have a surface of 900h600mm).

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