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    Shipping, road transport Cacak

    Address: nn Ulica 607. st., Cacak

    INOVITA ltd. is a family company which began work in 2008 in Cacak.

    Our construction material storage INOVITA is a company that contains retail and wholesale sectors for construction material as well as transport sector.

    As direct contractors for most of the brick and shingle producers in the region, we are able to provide you the full assortment of construction materials made out of baked clay.

    In addition to our base offer when it comes to construction materials (cement, lime, concrete iron, processed and woven, armature, schultz mesh, nails, steel wire, fert beams, fert filling, gitter blocks, thermal isolation blocks, division blocks, vtong blocks and additional equipment, concrete blocks, sprocketed, full brick, facade brick, OSB panels, chimneys, roof windows (VELUX), hydroisolation) we also offer a broad selection of colored shingles in various form, shape and glazing type (KANJIZA, MLADOST LESKOVAC, KIKINDA, POLET BECEJ, CREATON, BRAMAC, TERRAN).

    We currently offer over 30 models of shingles.

    In order to provide the highest quality services to all our buyers, we offer both transport and unloading for your orders.

    In terms of payment methods, we offer the possibility of purchasing goods in delayed payments up to 3 months (citizen checks).

    In addition to our main activity, we also transport the goods in our country and abroad.

    We own the commerce chamber certificate, a license for international transportation as well as the AAA certificate of quality.

    For all your questions, suggestions or concerns, feel free to contact us.