Address: 9 Nemanjina st., Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 32 345 509
4/ 5stars

Inspired by the flight, the desire to go on vacation or more, you satisfy the whims of their hedonistic pleasure in seafood dishes, prime, fresh fish species and fish soup in the restaurant "Moravian fishermen"

So close to the smell and taste of Mediterranean cuisine, first-class chef saved his hand, will satisfy all your senses.

Renowned seafood restaurant "Moravian fishermen" to you at any time of day and evening, offering the most delicious fish specialties, other continental food, traditional dishes of local cuisine and specialties of the restaurant stored knowledge and first-class chefs hand.

Pleasant interior and a good glass of wine and unselfish advice caterers will quickly make you the highest quality cuisine.

Enjoy the garden of the guitar sounds and tastes fresh and stored fish that glass of wine in the company of loved ones and family atmosphere will make you happy.

Come and enjoy a little paradise that is so close and always be ready to provide you the service.