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Basna ltd began work in 2010 with the vision of applying sustainable ecological technologies in Serbia. In the area of Dragacevo, the famous agricultural middle of West Serbia the optimally formed company came into being, relying on existing resources and moving forward in an innovative path.

After three years of development we have created a company that turns biomass into coal and energy. With our pyrolisys process for creating wood coal we can influence the production process and depending on its intented use give the coal the desired properties.

We take care that we close cycles and only use natural and ecologically sustainable raw materials. THis lets us make a production that results only in high quality products without waste or damage to the environment.

In our sector of research and development we have for years done tons of research of ground with biocoal and constantly improve the recipes for optimal earnings. Our important and aluable associates and the the agriculturalists who use our products in their households.

Barbecue pellets.

In order to make every barbecue perfect we make pellets that can be adjusted to your personal taste and needs.

- Standard

- Heat

- Gourmet

We blend different kinds of coal using new technologies.


Our development team has after years of research, testing and experimentation found the best formula for activating biocoal that gives excellent results in all kinds of plant cultures. This is how Agrocoal was created.

- It increases the yield of plants anywhere from 20-120%
- Reduces mineral compost usage 10-30%
- Reduces soil temperature during dry years by 3 degrees Celsius
- Increases biological fixation of atmosphere Nitrogen by 50-72%
- Increases the capacity of cation exchange by 50%


Wooden coal is made in a uniqu process calld pyrolisys. Organic material is heated under the reduced Oxygen input where growing temperatures separate the vaporale components as gas and coal base leaving the permanent base (as coal).

Depending on the use many other properties are important. Among others they are traces of elements, surfaces, size of pores, the value of heating and burning, making sparks and much more.