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    Production fruit and vegetables Cacak

    Address: nn Preljina st., Cacak

    Company SITI ltd. from Preljina began work in 1992 in Preljine near Cacak - Serbia, the place on the Ibar highway where the road splits away towards Cacak, Uzice, Zlatibor, Kraljevo, Kragujevac.


    The company SITI ltd. works in producing and selling olives and mushrooms as well as various kinds of VEGETABLES. Our company has serious business relations with OLIVE producers from Greece, Khalkidhiki. Thanks to our careful selection of producers we are able to offer high quality and affordable products. Good produce with full quality attestation, modern production plants constructed in 2005 in Preljina, years of experience and respectful, quality-oriented work policies have made us and our products the delight of all our customers. With the goal to make sure our products are safe and high quality, we apply HACCP certified system. This is why our company SITI ltd. enjoys an open door with every important store chain in Serbia.


    In addition to OLIVES within the SITI ltd. production program, we also offer MUSHROOMS as well as a program of marinated vegetables (peppers, pickles). The high quality of our produce is also confirmed by many awards we won in the International agriculture fair in Novi Sad in 2013. Green olive without the pit in 720ml packages, marinated sliced mushrooms 720ml, marinated whole mushrooms 720ml are all quality award winners while our sliced marinated mushrooms 720ml were declared by an expert committee as the champion of their product group.