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    Plastics and plastics Cacak

    Address: 47 Milorada Jevtovica Smita st.,Cacak

    Amplast ltd.

    A company for transportation and trade involving plastic packaging.

    The process of production is done according to the highest standards and we use exclusivel original materials and high quality ingredients.

    The packaging is reliable, practical and has a noticeable and original design.

    In our offer we have a diverse palette of products.

    Bottles, sterile and non-sterile in sizes of 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml and 30ml.

    Suitable for medical application, packaging propolis, ether oils, tinctures...

    Sprays in sizes of 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml and 30ml allow easier application to the desired area and are ideal for packaging propolis.

    Jars with 50ml capacity have a broad application – they can be used to package fishing equipment, spices, medical products etc.

    Washers with an UV stabilizer is used in construction industry, when mounting polycarbon lexan panels.

    In our offer we have various sizes and colors.

    Covers for cargo program for screw sizes 32/33 made out of high quality and durable materials with a UV stabilizer.

    We offer a broad spectrum of colors.