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    Metalprocessing, metalworking Cacak

    Address: Kulinovacko polje, potez IV/49, Cacak
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Delivery Delivery
    Works out in the field Works out in the field
    In business since: 1990.

    The Inhrom Cacak company began work in 1990 under the name "Termoelektrik Cacak" as a small family company.

    The company changed its name on 24.08.2009. due to market demand.

    We have been processing prochrome since 1998. 

    In 2009 we began a successful cooperation with military-technical institute in Belgrade and the KOL-15N company which resulted in development and production of launch pipes of the sandwich construction for the needs of "Morava" project.

    The launch pipes were built into containers which were also developed at our factories.

    Working with the company KOL-15N resulted in development and production of thick-walled pipes 122mm "Grad" and 107mm pipes for the sandwich construction.

    Our products made of prochrome can be found in many cities in Serbia and Montenegro.

    We'd especially like to highlight our modernly designed prochrome fences, produced using the highest quality materials (prochrome, wood and glass).

    The mobiliaries for public areas produced by our companies can be found in the squares of Podgorica, Pancevo and Tivt.

    - Machine processing
    * Scraping
    * Chiseling
    * In-depth drilling fi300 dimensions, 3m length

    - Cutting materials
    * Cutting using the scissors up to 4mm thickness
    * Cutting via cnc plasma, maximum dimensions of 1500x3000x12mm
    * Trace saw up to fi300mm

    Bending tin

    * Upcant press 3000mm 100t
    * Apipong 3000mm

    - Bending stitch pipes

    * Bending using machines up to FI30mm dimensions
    * Bending using triple rollers up to fi50

    - Pressing and stancing on hydraulic and excenter press

    - Engraving using the latest fiber inox laser for aluminium, steel, titanium. 

    - Surface processing for inox material using hand or stationery machines, polishing and filing in desired graulations

    - Welding using TIG and MIG inox, steel and aluminium methods.

    - Projecting stancing tools




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