Massage salons Cacak

Address: 115 Dragise Misovica st., Cacak
In business since: 2011.

Skin massages help boost your energy and vitality, reduce painful conditions and improves your overall health condition.

The massage helps expand the skin blood vessels and open up sweat pores and sebaceous glands to improve secretion, refresh the skin and sub-dermal tissue, improve overall circulation without putting strain on the heart and increase lymph flow that eliminates harmful substances from your organism.

In the goal of your healing and relaxation, our "Put tela" massage studio offers the following kinds of massages:

- Partial massage - back, neck, arms or legs based on points of pain. We adjust the pressure according to the condition of your organism.
Duration: 45min

- Full body massage - for your back, neck, arms and legs in order to achieve total body relaxation
Duration: 75min

- Aromatherapy - full body massage using heated scent oils achieves deep relaxation and overall condition improvement
Duration: 75min

- Head massage - scalp massage offers a feeling of relief and psychological relaxation.
Duration: 20min

- Foot massage - will relax your body to the fullest. By treating certain points, we reduce tension and pain and improve circulation in the body, creating a relaxing feeling.
Duration: 20min

- Pregnancy massage - full body massage for the purpose of relaxing and pain reduction during all 9 months
Massage duration: 75min

- Anti-cellulite massage - hand massage of the stomach and legs improves the lymphatic flow in order to excrete toxins and tone the skin.
Massage duration: 50min

- Maderotherapy - wooden rolling pin massage that originated in Columbia reduces disproportional localized fat deposits, excess water, toxins in sub-dermal tissue and cellulite.
Duration: 50min

- Facial massage - pleasant, mild, relaxing massage reduces exhaustion, pain and sinuses for a more attractive skin appearance.
Duration: 20min.

- Lomi - Lomi massage - full body massage, ancient Hawaiian technique. Not a single rough or coarse movement, relaxing massage that fully relaxes the body.
Duration: 60min

- Hot chocolate massage - full body massage using a special massage product based on almond oil. Has a relaxin effect on all your senses.
Duration: 75min

- Lymphatic drainage - full body massage in order to remove swelling and excess water from your organism by eliminating toxic and harmful substances that our body accumulates.
Duration: 75min

- Exercises - kinetic therapy, individual exercises for the disabled after fracturing, locomotive muscle system, bad body posture etc.
Duration: 60min

- Face and body peeling - removes the surface layer of dead skin cells using fine sea salts in order to prepare the skin for massaging and give it a healthy appearance.
Duration: 20min.


 PATH BODY , 115 Dragise Misovica st., Cacak
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