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Live music Cacak

Address: 557 Ljubic polje st., Cacak
Viber: 065/345-06-00
Whatsapp: 065/345-06-00
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Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
In business since: 2010.

Our band consists of two guitars, a sax-clarinet, an achordion, a drum, keyboard and our singers' beautiful vocals.

The members of our band are not only the masters of their instruments but they also sometimes sing along to back up our singers during certain songs and enrich it.

This is exactly what sets us apart from other bands, giving our performances charm and excitement.

The members of our wedding band "Sesir Moj" are all experienced musicians who all began in taverns.

Their tavern history have created a solid background for our performances so that we are equally as ready to play a ballad as well as a rock song.

Most bands specialize in country, foreign, pop or another kind of music, but we play EVERYTHING.

Our band has maintained that essence, rawness, energy and authenticity which is important for good atmosphere in celebrations.

We create a conversation between various instruments and styles thanks to great arangmenets and the way our band members synergize with each other in order to create delightful harmony.

We always play live and never lip-sync so that you are sure to enjoy our songs at your weddings, banquets, birthdays and other events.






ORCHESTRA SESIR MOJ, 557 Ljubic polje st., Cacak
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