Address: 42 Nikole Tesle st., Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 64 10 84 414
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Translation bureau “Prevod Ita” has been in business in Cacak since September 2017 as a startup project by Cacak Science and technology park.

Clients: Uni promet ltd., Millenium Insurance Belgrade, Cacak park of Science and technology, Stal Company, MHS Team AT ltd., Beekeeping estate Zivanovic, Api Culture, Moderna Furniture ltd., Archeology amateurs of Serbia.

Translation services:

We translate full documentation required for a company to function: work contracts, partnership contracts, purchase and sales contracts, work safety documentation, video surveillance, secondary material storage etc.

- We write and translate all kinds of business correspondence and other mail

- We can attend your business meetings and negotiation with an excellent understanding of English

- We send electronic correspondence via Skype and the like

- We write and translate website content (content writer)

- Translating CV and covering letters

- Translating all kinds of specialized texts in economy, banking, law, medicine, psychology, pharmacy, machine engineering, electro technology, electronics, information technologies, construction.

- Translating scientific works and books

- Translating religious, literary and belletristics, newspaper articles

- We translate cartoons, children’s books, schoolwork

- Translating commercials, brochures, manuals

- Translating personal documents, driving licenses and the like

- Translating shipping documentation

- Participating in legal tenders in providing translation services

- Establishing partnerships with other translation agencies

Individual English language lessons:

- For junior and high school students

- University students

- Professional terminology

Language training for companies:

- For small and large employee groups

- Standard programs

-Professional terminology

- Conversation

- Business vocabulary

Tourist group guiding:

- Coming out into the field in order to translate, greet foreign guests at the airport, attend business lunches etc.