Address: 3 Bulevar Tanaska Rajica, Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 32 357 503
Phone 2: +381 64 126 69 22
4/ 5stars

In our new ambiance we have made a unique children’s playhouse for your kids, unique and full of fun and games with the latest computers and PS4 consoles.

The playhouse “Calypso Games” organizes all kinds of birthday celebrations.

It will be our pleasure to fulfill all your kids’ wishes and dreams in order to make their best day even nicer.

Celebrations take place in a closed-type object and the number of seats for adults and kids is limited.

We have 5 computers with the latest video games and 6 PS4 consoles of the latest generation.

The parents of our little ones can enjoy in their space separate from their children where smoking is allowed.

Our seating capacity includes between 24-30 seats.

Don’t miss the best fun in town.

Working hours of our playhouse:
Every workday 10AM – 10PM