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    Geodesy, geology Cacak

    Address: 3 Bulevar Tanaska Rajica, Cacak

    The main activity of our agency involves geodetic works, projecting making project documentation, making projects, geodetic marking, cadastre plans, parcelation projects, construction works, making projects of derived states for legalization, building adaptation, consulting services in construction etc.

    Our agency currently has 12 employees, five of whom are geodetic professionals, one who is an architect, one who is a legal expert, one who is an economy expert and four employees for general-administrative works.

    The seat of the company is in Cacak, at 3 Tanaska Rajica street, our branch in Sjenica is located at no-number Milorada Jovanovica street (in the post-office building), our Paracin branch is located at 12/11 Bore Petrovica street.

    For all services we offer we have required licenses and certificates.

    We have a constant tendency to grow and develop as a company, open new employment positions and hiring young individuals.

    We also financially help sport development in two sports clubs.

    We participate in a variety of charity promotions.

    Throughout the years we have won multiple awards and recognition as a socially responsible firm.

    We have excellent cooperation with our colleagues from the private geodetic sector and the suppliers of geodetic instruments.

    The business plan for 2016 involves opening two more branches, one in Belgrade and one in Kovin.

    We have been in business for 12 years in Serbia and would like to thank all our clients for their trust.

    - Filming objects
    - Splitting land partitions
    - Bordering partitions
    - Creating cadastre-topographic plans
    - Making situation plans
    - Filming underground installations

    Business units:
    3 Tanaska Rajica boulevard, Cacak
    Phone numbers: 032/341-744, 032/344-175-seat of the company

    12/11 Bore Petrovica street, Paracin
    Phone: 035/561-839

    no-number Milorada Jovanovica street (in the post-office building), Sjenica
    Phone: 020/750-300

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