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    Cosmetics salons Cacak

    Address: 69 Nemanjina st., Cacak

    Studio Point is a face and body care salon.

    We offer the following services:

    - Solariums with medical lamps
    - Collagen or photo-therapy
    - Muscle electro-stimulation, re-shaping and toning muscles. 50 minute treatment = 4 effective training sessions at the gym
    - Waxing using hot or cold wax
    - Facial iontophoresis - introduce beneficial elements into your skins via ampules containing vitamins, collagen, hyalurone 
    - Hyaluronic fillers without needles / Magic Crystals / 100% natural facial treatments using 6 different hyaluronic fillers
    - Permanent makeup and drawing powder eyebrows as well as using Japanese method

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