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In business since: 2005.
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Cosmetic salon “Bellezza” began work in 2005.

The salon originated around the idea that a beautiful woman is a nurtured woman, and since then we have selected only the best for our clients.

With the goal of meeting all our client’s wish and demand, we have expanded our service spectrum in time.

In a pleasant ambiance and a cheery atmosphere our ladies can enjoy many excellent treatments:


Our salon proudly presents GREEN PEEL treatments by the German laboratory of Dr. Med. Christina Schrammek. The laboratory has existed for over 50 years and they are present around the world.

Their programs bring the innovative facial massage using ICE BALLS. At our salon we represent over 10 kinds of their treatments, exercising an individual approach to every client...feel the power of natural cosmetics. In addition to cosmetic treatments we also have accompanying treatments for extended home care.


* relax massage
* anti-cellulite massage:
Maderotherapy (massage using rolling pins)
Before starting a series of maderotherapy treatments at our salon, we perform thorough preparations and an interview with our clients.

The results of weight measuring and body volume size are entered into the personal file we open for each client and after the session and re-measuring the results are entered into the file and compared.

In addition to technical information you will also get advice on rules that have to be abided while the therapy is ongoing. Advice on nutrition, fluids intake, physical activity and the like.

We make sure that our services are complete and professional, which is proven by our excellent results.

Maderotherapy is a form of massage developed in Colombia where special wood massagers are used. There are no unwanted or side-effects.

What the rolling pin massage actually does is stimulate the lymphatic systems that are in charge of expelling toxins from our body. When we say toxins, we mean everything we ingested into our organism in excess one way or another – excess fat, excess sugar, excess food additives all remain in your body and congest to create fat deposits that resemble an orange peel.

We use even and rhythmical movements of the wooden elements to stimulate lymph nodes.

This also activates your metabolism and the organism begins working faster to expel fat deposits and cellulite.

Maderotherapy gives great results that can be visible after 4-5 treatments.

The benefits of maderotherapy:

Maderotherapy yields excellent results that can be visible after 4-5 treatments.

The benefits of maderotherapy:

- Less visible cellulite
- Skin toning
- Contour shaping – of the backside, waist, hips, belly and arms
- Relaxing and improvements of the general state of the organism
- Expelling the toxins and excess water
- Swift metabolism

After the treatment you should increase your water intake.


New method for weight loss treatments and eliminating cellulite as well as improving the overall skin appearance.

- Visible reduction in body volume after the first treatment
- Improving the skin appearance and skin tonus after a series of treatment
- Eliminating excess liquid
- Metabolic effect of active substances and the process of lipolysis (degrading fat deposits)
- Vacuum achieves both the sauna and press effect at the same time (lymphatic drainage effect)
- Can be combined with other anti-cellulite treatments


With the help of the mud that comes from below 20m of depth below the Alps while special care was taken not to disrupt the fitoelements we perform the body detox, where the toxins from our organism and the excess water is expelled from the body.

✔AESTHETIC AND MEDICAL PEDICURE & Bodypure program of keratin socks for foot care


Our salon features an ORLY program for hand care and manicure as well as products and polishes for home care. ORLY is an American brand that originated in 1976 and its founder Jeff Pink is a creator of French manicure.

All products contain vitamin B5, ciprocia which additionally increases the strength and quality of your manicure.

The products are free of additives (15free) and have not been tested on animals. There is also our Bodypure program of keratin glove for additional hand care.




✔ TANNING SALON with 52 chocolate lamps, with a seal of quality and use



Eliminating nasolabial crease, smoking wrinkles and marionates

The treatment lasts for about 20 minutes.

The treatments should be taken over a period of 6mo – 1year

Contouring and increasing lip volume with 1ml of hyaluronic fillers.

The treatment is completely pain free because it’s done under block local anesthesia.

Properly shaped lips are hydrated, plump, rosy and full of volume.

Intervention duration: 15-20min
The procedures should be done over a course of 6mo – 1year


BELLEZZA COSMETIC SALON, 6 Hajduk Veljkova st., Cacak
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