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    Butchers, meat products Cacak

    Address: 74 hajduk Veljkova st., Cacak

    Dear clients, as of 1984 we have been producing the highest quality sausage wrapping.

    As of 2014 we expanded our goods assortment.

    Our assortment now consists of spices, spice mixtures for sausages and other products needed by butchers and hospitaliers. Since 2017 we have been working with “TALDEM TRADE” that works in importing sausage wrappings from Europe and distributes products from the VEGAVITA company.

    Our offer includes:

    - Natural sausage wrapping made out of pork and sheep entrails
    - Collagen sausage wrapping for sausages, pepperoni, ham
    - Polyamide wrapping for korma, scrapple. salami
    - Spices and spice mixtures
    - Meat additives, soy flakes
    - Strings, nets, oak skewers for shishkebab

    We send your goods via express mail today for tomorrow or deliver it to your address personally.