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    Book-keeping agencies Cacak

    Address: 2 Ljubicska st., lokal 2, Cacak
    Whatsapp: +381 63 645 535
    In business since: 1990.

    Our agency “Biro konto” from Cacak has been in business for over 30 years as an accounting service up to par with the most demanding clients and for the most delicate services in our domain.

    The team of our agency uses accumulated knowledge and expertise to promote constant education and through continuous dedication finds the best possible solution for its clients.

    Our accounting service can perform complete bookkeeping for you or you can only let us do certain aspects of it. We can adjust our services to big, medium and small companies.

    The guidelines we adhere to when performing our services include:
    - Daily updates and accuracy when processing data
    - Reliability
    - Availability, especially when you need your information the most
    - Responsibility for you as the client and institutions that we represent on your behalf
    - Kindness and professionalism
    - Highest possible quality
    - Affordable prices and special offers

    Accounting services available at our agency:

    - Main bookkeeping
    - Analytical record of account balance, listings of open points
    - Listing and processing base means amortization
    - final accounts
    - inter-yearly balances
    - finances
    - paycheck accounts
    - social benefits accounts
    - contract accounts about copyright and authorship payments
    - retail bookkeeping
    - Accounting per expenditure
    - Making suggestions and full solutions for your accounting
    - Various other bookkeeping services

    Tax accounts and counseling

    - tax-related advice
    - PDV tax records, accounts, tax accounts
    - Other tax obligation accounts and records
    - Periodic control for accounting obligations with state tax institutions
    - active participations in tax control procedures


    - we make work contract for engaging employees in temporary and occasional work relationship, extra work and the like
    - Registering and unregistering workers, directors, founders and owners
    - making solutions for vacations and the like
    - making various work, earnings and similar listings
    - recording paychecks for businesses into the analytic records of the PIO fund
    - recording the employee status in the company – making M-4 forms

    Consulting and monitoring

    Our consulting services are different from our continuous client counseling given as part of our standard bookkeeping services.

    Consulting includes an all-inclusive approach to solving the clients’ business problems and contains a phase of problem investigation, solution seeking, project solution giving and implementation control.
    This also includes continuous monitoring, supervision and instruction as part of our services that works within our client’s company if the client organizes their own accounting without entrusting the agency with operative works.

    Creating business plans and projects for project financing

    The agency has experience and training in creating business plans, investment elaborates or studies as well as project financing plans for the needs of various credit demands for other business needs.
    Prices of services

    We determine the price for our services at the start of our cooperation, based on information provided from you. The services are accounted as a monthly sum which doesn’t change. The price is changed only in case there is a major change in your method of work, per agreement. For obtaining informative offers, we ask that you contact us.

    Court expert for economy and finances

    - We provide services of a court expert in economy-finances
    - Accounting of narrowing interest
    - Testifying on validity of tax accounts, earnings...

    Company registration

    1. All-inclusive counseling throughout the entire process, selecting legal form, activity and name, information about the fixated expenses of business, PDV, fiscal cash register about employment and obligations.
    2. Founding act for companies, verifications and certificates
    3. Starting a current account in a business banc
    4. Seal making
    5. Turning over documentation to the tax authorities for a record dossier

    Registration for company status changes

    With existing companies we make suitable acts (contracts, decrees and the like) and enlisting with the APR:
    - Changing business names, seats, legal forms, activities, duration, earnings (increase/reduction, payments etc.)
    - Changing data of responsible persons: director, president, UO representative, procurists
    - Changing information on the department: registering and erasing departments and related data
    - Changing contacts: phone, fax, electronic address (e-mail), address for internet pages

    Liquidating companies

    Erasing (closing down) businesses

    We initiate and carry out the procedure of erasing (closing) businesses and all related activities ending with the employment duration check in with the insurance and the Fund for pension and disability insurance.

    Paycheck accounts and other taxable payments

    - Paycheck accounts for workers, directors, founders and owners – net, gross, taxes and contribution, ceasing net paychecks through realization of administrative and/or court bans)
    - accounts for all earning payments (sick leave up to 30 days, over 30 days, maternity leave and the like), turning in these accounts with the social services.
    - Accounts for all other personal earnings for employees (regress, warm meal, travel expenses)
    - Accounts for work contracts, temporary and occasional work and the like
    - Accounts of lease, capital gain
    - Leading analytical accounting

    Contact us via our second e-mail: birokonto@gmail.com

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