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    Bars and night-clubs Cacak

    Address: 3b Bulevar Vuka Karadzica st., Cacak


    Gallery restaurant is located at Vuka Karadzica boulevard and has set new standards in hospitality. Already on your first visit, you will be impressed by the interior.

    The restaurant is divided into three parts and the division is well-balanced, so that every part occupies an equal space and doesn’t interfere with the whole.

     The lobby is intended for comfy sitting and has armchairs and furniture sets ideal for private conversations.

    Through the lobby section you can reach a high-chair area where you can relax with your friends and some of the interesting drinks in our offer.

    The hanging part, i.e. the gallery is intended for meals, although it’s possible to eat in any part of the restaurant.


    Our offer of international dishes is very tempting.

    You can try international cuisine dishes and our offer ranges between sandwiches, salads, pizzas and pasta to steaks, beef steaks and meat specialties.

    For the purpose of preparing steaks we use a special Spanish ‘Vulkan’ furnace in which the food is prepared on charcoal fire.

    It has special smoke filters in place which distribute the air evenly, allowing us to make perfect meat dishes.

    When it comes to desserts, there’s the American cheesecake, tres leches, ,lava cake and other specialties.  


    In addition to food, in our exhibition section you can view and purchase paintings for which the restaurant was named.

    In our offer the works of Marko Javorina are especially popular.

    Restaurant has a large garden that makes this restaurant a great place to relax and have your meals dring the pleasant spring and summer evenings.

    Thanks to the movable glass pane windows, it will be directly linked to the entire establishment, forming a whole.

    Working hours:
    Mon-Sat: 7AM – 12PM


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