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    Bakeries Cacak

    Address: nn Bulevar Tanaska Rajica, Cacak

    We offer the followng products:

    - Bread, home-baked in a wood oven
    - Hot "burek" (Serbian cheese pie)
    - Savory and sweet pastries
    - Confectioneries
    - Ice-cream and also refreshing lemonade or various sodas

    Vuckovic family company has years of experience in its trade and provides exceptional quality products which are now famous in Cacak and beyond.

    You can find us in three locations in Cacak:

    NN Tanaska Rajica boulevard
    032/54-59-373 numbers for orders

    76 Dragise Misovica street
    032/372-601 number for orders

    50 Dragana Bojovica street

    The working hours of our bakeries are between 6AM and 10PM

    We provide flatbread and bread wholesale for all types of celebration.

    For any larger orders schedule one day in advance.

    We deliver our products.