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Aluminium, Polyvinyl (p.v.c.) Cacak

Address: nn Zablace, Cacak
Viber: 060/082-29-45
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In business since: 1991.
Distance from the city center of Cacak: 9600 m

Carpentry Peric 032 is a family company which has its first steps still more than 20 years ago as a small workshop. Experience more of almost 20 years has enabled us that we can fulfill the requirements of our clients in all aspects of functionality, design and of course the quality of our products. Developed gradually and slowly, from a small workshop where they worked fine corrections to the great production that produces modern and high quality furniture. Now seriously engaged in the production of interior doors coated with melamine foil. Emphasis is placed on the quality iI appearance of the door. The proof of the quality and functionality of our products that modern mechanical equipment which are being produced, as well as the confidence of many customers.


The woodwork is actually the final notes of each building and furnishing the space. It provides us with the connection with nature, as with the materials of which it is made, and the view through the window instance. The hardware includes virtually all essential parts of an object as windows, doors, stairs, etc. Nowadays Carpentry can no longer be referred to as the product of the wood as long ago already manufactures doors and all the other materials such as PVC and aluminum, as well as numerous other materials.

Home decoration is a process that is continuous as long as we live in one of our area. There is always room for amendments to the living space, it is sometimes necessary to replace the piece of furniture due to deterioration, and sometimes because we want something better and more beautiful. Possibility of individual furniture design for each room gives you unprecedented possibilities for expressing their creativity. We use iskljuučivo quality materials, which are presented to and consult with the client prior to construction. Characterized by the functionality and modern ideas. All products and models of windows, doors, windows, made from materials and fittings according to customers' wishes. Interior design is very important for every family.

PRODUCTION INPUT and interior doors

Construction of wooden furniture in direct relation to the choice of material of which will be opened derived. When it comes to classic traditional joinery, the material most commonly used wood oak (natural), maple, wenge, walnut, beech (Bavarian), oak (dark). Nice, comfortable and functional environment affects the quality of life of every man. Modern design and harmonized standards of the trends we strive to bring your wishes furnishing living space. Our products are long-term. What you should always keep in mind when purchasing any product is the quality and longevity!


The front door of MDF solution for all those who seek, design, strength and durability. Equipped with high quality fittings, a tubular filling and can have from 1-4 locking.


Internal doors are characterized by quality production, modern design, strength and endurance. We offer interior (internal) port that you will be fully satisfied for many years.

CARPENTRY PERIC 032, nn Zablace, Cacak
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